Welcome to the magical world of Morrow.

Although a smaller world in comparison to many, it has rich lands filled with adventure for the most adventurous travelers. From the eastern shores of Kalamhir, to the western mountains of Gorelia. Take a ship north through the Calari Waters and into the frost lands of Allendor. Enjoy the leisures in the capital Denrum or experience the unique way of life in the vast Greenlands.

But beware of the dangers that hide in the shadows. The brutal and untrustworthy residence of Vorshal. Or the tribesmen that threaten the peace in the Rocky Pass. But most of all beware the beasts of legend, beings of power that can strike fear into the hearts of men. Those creatures that hail from the south eastern Broken Isles. The Gon more commonly known as the Dragon.

Unravel the mysteries of magic. Relive the tales of the forgotten or discover the wealth of the ancients.

Tell your own tale.

Become your own hero.

Live your own life.