Zangar Stonefist

Zangar Stonefist was the leader of the Beran before the Pantheon reshaped the world. He received his name due to smashing a rock with his bear fist whilst trying to impress a group of female Beran.

Being stronger than the other Beran he became the leader, at the age of 34, after the previous leader passed away. Zangar ruled in peace and always had the interest of his people at the fore front of his mind.

Zangar was at the council with the Pantheon when they first came to Morrow and knew that what they were offering would better suit his people Zangar knew that the Old Religion needed to be forgotten as his great grandfather had died in the Old War, and Zangar had since tried to pull away from the Old Religion and the dark magics that it involves. So Zangar decided to stand by the Pantheon and his people agreed.

When the Shi decided against taking up the offer of the Pantheon, Zangar was displeased with them and for many years counciled with the leader of the Shi, Danai Falesworn to accept the offer as it would better the world.

After numerous attempts to persuade Danai Zangar called a meeting with the Beran Council and they decided the only way to ensure that the Shi would agree to the offer from the Pantheon was to force them.

Zangar ordered that an altar be built to the Pantheon so that he could pray by it in order to get the Pantheon to appear to him. The alter was made from the purest stone that could be found and had statues depicting each member of the Pantheon.

When Zangar prayed by the alter the Pantheon did indeed appear to him and he asked them that if he could get the Shi to agree to their proposal would they continue to reshape the world. Once they agreed Zangar knew what he needed to do.

Zangar called the Beran Council together once more and they planned the attack on the Shi so they could capture Danai Falesworn and force her to agree to the Pantheon to reshape the world. Once the plans had been organised the Beran marched to war, ensuring the Shi would acknowledging them. Thus beginning The 50 Year War.

Zangar Stonefist died during the war against the Shi with his son Argo Stonemace taking over as ruler of the Beran.

Zangar Stonefist

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