The mainland of Kalalia is made up of three continents, two of which are, the eastern kingdom of Kalamhir and the western kingdom Gorelia. Each has a different way of life and different climates. There isn’t much conflict between the two as they willingly trade supplies and will aid the other when the conflict emerges due to interference from the third southern continent, Vorshal.

Vorshal is separated from the northern continents due to the Border Cliffs. The only route to the northern continents is through the Rocky Pass which is the home land of the Tevener the barbaric tribesmen that pose a threat to all who try to pass through.

Once you pass through the Rocky Pass you will find yourself in the Greenlands. A vast area of land that spreads through a large portion of Kalamhir and half of Gorelia.

The Pantheon are worshiped widely throughout Kalalia, however Kalalia also contains the largest group of Non Believers throughout all of Morrow, in the form of the Tevener.


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