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Morrow is a small world being only 720 leagues from east to west and 1080 leagues north to south. It is made up of three major islands. The mainland island of Kalalia. The northern island of Allendor and the south eastern isles, the Broken Isles.

It was inhabited by the Pantheon, which consists of The Father, who created Men, The Mother who created the Ce’en more commonly known as Elves and The Child who created the Dwarves. The Pantheon are worshipped by the Morrowers and will select a chosen few to do their bidding whilst in Morrow.

There are however two other members of the Pantheon, the first is The Maiden who blesses the land and the other is The Fallen One, he controls the beasts of the land and after falling from grace set about to destroy the Pantheons creation.

There are other races that inhabit Morrow, some of which aligned themselves with the Pantheon whilst others joined The Fallen One. The Beran, a larger humanoid race, aligned themselves to the Pantheon living in peace with the Men, Ce’en and Dwarves.

After The Fallen One fell from grace he attempted to create his own Men, Ce’en and Dwarves however he failed due to not having the power that the other members of the Pantheon had. Instead his creations were mutated and corrupted, they became known as Goblins, Orcs and Ogres.

The Beran along with two other races, the Shi and the Gon were already residing in Morrow before the Pantheon arrived, all three worshiped the Old Religion. However, the Beran turned away from this religion and started to follow the Pantheon. Whereas the Shi continued to worship the Old Religion and joined forces with The Fallen One.

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