Orcs were created by The Fallen One after he fell from grace, after he attempted to created his own version of Men, Ce’en and Dwarves. The orcs being smaller than Ogres and larger than Goblins became the main force in The Fallen Ones army. They became more adept with weapon fighting and became smarter than the other creations.

Orcs despite seeming like an unorganised and uncontrollable race actually fall into a strict ranking system.

At the head of the army is the Warlord. The warlord is a place of extreme power and will pass between one orc and the next when the previous warlord dies. Due to this the warlord can continually change, as the warlord falls in battle or is over thrown by another orc who manages to gather more supporters than the reigning warlord. The warlord reigns over each of the ten orc tribes. And he is the only orc that can unite all of them together.

Under the warlord and leading each tribe is a chieftain. These chieftains run each tribe and will report to the warlord directly. The chieftains can be replaced by the most powerful orc in the tribe once the chieftain dies.

Under each chieftain there is three captains. Each captain controls a select group in the tribe and will report to the chieftain. The first captain is the captain of the raiders. The second captain is the captain of hunters and the third captain is the captain of the wolf riders.

The orc raiders are the main units in the orc army. They have been trained to use weapons and will do most of the battling that is required by each tribe. The raiders will often go into battle with orc grunts at their sides. The grunts are weaker than the raiders and often get sent in first when fighting to weaken the opponent, often with the captain knowing that they will die.

The hunters are the group that will scout any areas that the tribe will be moving to or will keep watch over the tribe whilst they sleep. They are also responsible for hunting for food and tracking down any enemies that may cause a problem. They tend to be quicker and more agile than their raider brothers. They are also trained primarily with ranged weaponry to attack targets from a distance. Some will use traps and poisons to aid in the fight.

The wolf riders fall into two categories, the wolf rider raiders, which will aid the raiders in battle and will sometimes, although not often, give their wolves armour also. And the hunters who will scout with the hunters and aid them when required. Amongst the wolf riders are the orc beastmaster. These are the orcs that will train the wolves that are used to rider. Generally they train between 5-10 at a time and will sometimes have wolves of their own if they are needed to go to battle. A beastmaster will also accompany wolves into battle that are going without a rider, in order to keep them both looked after and to ensure that they don’t kill any of the orcs around them

All the ten orc tribes throughout Kalalia work in the same format, and they all answer to the same Warlord who sits in Drathgard the capital of Vorshal. The Frost Orcs that inhabit Allendor do not answer to the Warlord in Kalalia and if any orcs from Kalalia venture into Allendor then a conflict between the orcs will normally occur.

The ten orc tribes that live across the lands of Kalalia tend to have significant differences to how and where they live. This separates the tribes and even causes conflict between them at times. The ten tribes are as follows:


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