The Pantheon is the name given to the five godly beings that came to reside in Morrow. Between them they reshaped Morrow into the world that it is today. They also created all the Pantheon Races that live in Morrow.

The Pantheon consists of:

Each member of the Pantheon took a different responsibility over Morrow and together created a way of life.

The Father being the creator of Men took on the responsibility of watching over man. The Mother watches over her own creations also, the Ce’en and The Child watches over the last of the Pantheon Races which he created, the Dwarves. The Maiden took the responsibility to watch over nature and The Fallen One watched over the beasts of Morrow.

Those races that worship the Pantheon worship all five members of the Pantheon, although they may pray directly to one member by believing in one you believe in them all, as seen in the prayers used by priests to bless, and the Pantheons seal contains five parts each representing one member of the Pantheon.

Due to the Ancient Races already living on Morrow the Pantheon appeared to them before proceeding to reshape the world, promising not to disrupt their current way of life. The Gon had no issue with this as long as the Pantheon left the Broken Isles alone, which the Pantheon agreed to. The Beran knowing the world needed changing offered to prepare the world for change and became the first race to worship the Pantheon. The Shi however, were not pleased with what the Pantheon proposed and said that if the Pantheon changed the world they would never stop destroying the changes they make.

Although the Pantheon tried to compromise offering them an island of their own the Shi would not accept. Much to the disappointment of the entire Beran race the Pantheon withdrew from Morrow. It wasn’t until Zangar Stonefist leader of the Beran nation built an alter and prayed that the Pantheon would return.

Honoured by this act of faith the Pantheon did indeed appear to Zangar. They were informed that Zangar could get the Shi to agree to the changes. The Pantheon agreed that if the Shi would agree then and only then would they reshape the world.

Zangar, now with a promise from the Pantheon took his entire Beran army to the doors of the Shi and started a war, stating he would only stop should the Shi agree to the Pantheons offer. This began The 50 Year War.

After the Shi gave the Pantheon their approval to reshape the world the Pantheon began work and created two islands, Kalalia and Allendor. As promised to the Gon they left the Broken Isles untouched.

Next on the Pantheons list was to create beings to inhabit the newly shaped world. The Father created Men in his own image, The Mother made the Ce’en also in her own image. The Child brought forth the Dwarves in his own image also. Each of these races were sent to live in Morrow having the knowledge to survive and build a civilization of their own. The Beran aided all the races along the way in which ever way they could.

The Maiden brought forth all manner of plants and rivers and minerals of the earth, giving the races the resources they would need to build their home and The Fallen One set free beasts of all kinds, both land, sea and sky to feed and cloth the races as they need it.

It wasn’t for many years before a Shi named Willow Webstrider prayed to the Pantheon and asked for help. Due to the Shi attempting to destroy the works of the Pantheon, and because the Shi still worshiped the Old Religion, the Pantheon had vowed never to aid the Shi as a form of punishment. However, when Willow prayed to the Pantheon, The Fallen One decided that he would answer her secretly. Little did he know that Willow had an ulterior motive. This meeting became known as The Dark Deal.

After this deal was made the Pantheon found out what The Fallen One had done and exiled him from their presence. Angry at what the Pantheon did he decided to create his own version of Men, Ce’en and Dwarves to rival those created by the Pantheon. Due to The Fallen One not having the power required to create these races, the races became mutated and corrupted, becoming known as The Fallen Races, consisting of Goblins, Orcs and Ogres. [The Fallen One]] took them to the south of Kalalia and created a place for them to reside known as Vorshal.


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